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Ya Feeling Me...?

~Attitude determines altitude.

— Anonymous

As we grow, so too does our journey. The distance, the height, the depth.... all of those things vary depending on what the world throws at us and how we respond to it.

The peaks AND the valleys on our pathway to success cannot always be changed OR avoided, but our demeanor, our disposition and our conviction all play a part in us becoming the best version of who we intend to be.

It is not always easy to maintain momentum, especially in the face adversity, but what makes it easier although not easy is our determination and outlook on how we view results of the things we experience and learn.

It is in those spaces and those places that we can the experience the fruit of our labor and hard work....even if it doesn't end up exactly as we intend or want.

We learn from those things.

We grow from those things.

And when we can apply those lessons, then those slopes, peaks, valleys become just another path to traverse on our road to fulfillment.

Eagles fly with eagles, but only if you believe you are an eagle.


Motiv8tional Warrior

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