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Our Story

Faith, Effort, Opportunity and Preparation.


Some of it.  All of it. 


Every journey starts with a step.  Sometimes you aren't sure which direction to go, and yet if you truly plan on being successful you have to make a choice.  That choice will either have a Result or a Consequence.   It's up to you or in this case, it was up to "Us" Regardless of how you think of it, when you put motivation, initiative and action into a plan backed by belief, amazing things happen.


And that is exactly what brought our team together.  Turning passion into purpose we used our first initiatives as an accountability group to brainstorm ways to not only help ourselves become a business, but to also create a organization that was dedicated to a few simple ideals.  


Help those who were willing to help themselves. 

To love what we do.

To care about doing something good.

To be authentic and genuine in our values. 

To venture the roads less traveled. 

To make sure our values and voice mirrored our vision.


That's it.  Nothing more. 

You see, we saw a gap, a gap in how some organizations saw the word "Help" and what it meant to those in need.   




Cookie cutters and Boxed thinking worked for some people at some times.   But there has never been  one size fit all solution for anything human related.  At least not for long. 


One of our philosophies is that Humans defy data. At every turn, and at every chance.  Not on purpose mind you, but it is definitely a human thing. 

If there isn't a "one best" practice or method then following a straight path might get the fast result, but not necessarily the best result.  

We realized that in order to gain efficiency in performance and life we might have to color outside the lines. 


We would need to be fluid, versatile, adaptive and open minded about what our clients might need to be successful.

We had to look at things from a different perspective.  A need to think outside the box, or like the box never existed. 

We took all of our past expertise and experiences in the  small business space and corporate organizations as well as Life Coaching and Human Performance Improvement  and created a hybrid method of professional and personal improvement practices and methodologies. 


We knew that life was full of different types of Spaces and each one of those Spaces needed attention in order to grow and evolve. 

Whether it was your Heart Space, your Head Space or Your Career Space our goal was very simple.  We intended on helping others understand how to better their "Spaces" to create powerful and lasting beneficial results.

Come on in, let's color outside the lines.  Or better there are no lines. 

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