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Troy A. Carroll

Troy A. Carroll


America's #1 Intention Coach, Author, Certified Life and Relationship Coach, Achologist Best selling author and Founder of InsideOut Evolution, Troy is a Motivational Warrior who has purposely dedicated his life to helping others bridge the gaps of adversity.

With over 20 years in the performance improvement industry, Troy turned skills earned in the Corporate Workspace and leveraged them to help those in the Personal Life space. 

​He realized that a large part of being the best version of yourself  and or creating success in your life, required you to, unpack your bag, find, define and refine the "Who in You", discover your passion and purpose and then applying that knowledge to your life.

Using a hybrid style of strategic life coaching combined with tactical motivational speaking to effectively help his clients navigate the sometimes-choppy waters of life, relationships and careers, Troy found not just his passion, but his purpose in helping others…help themselves. 


​"Personal and Professional Success is an inside job with outside results.  It's about Persistence and Progress not Perfection. "

"Don't just go with me....Grow with me.

On Purpose and With Purpose"

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