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"Wait For It"

She said, He said.... "My time will come. All I have to do is pray, be patient and wait for my opportunity. "

Yes...and No. Yes you can pray and yes, you should be patient, but only to an extent. should not wait.

"Open praying hands and idle feet."

Some of us are so busy waiting and being patient that we fail to realize that the "thing" we have been waiting for has changed direction and now we have to get up and chase after it.

"A do run run, a do run run."

I refuse to chase anything. Chasing in my view is random reaction to something getting away from me. It means you weren't in the ready position when that special thing came knocking.

"Wait, is that my opportunity galloping over the horizon?"

Not mine. Doesn't have to be yours. Instead of chasing you can pursue. It is intentional. It has direction and waiting was only until it peeked around the corner.

Regardless, patience is a virtue until it becomes idle waiting. At that point, patience becomes a vice. It becomes the very thing that prevents you from achieving your goal.

"To pursue or not to pursue....that is the question"

I mentioned pursuit, but even that is not always optimal. Maybe we should use the word "Hunt".

Trust me it works. Ask a lion.

There is no such thing as a perfect opportunity, only an opportunity that is perfect for you. And yet it will still require action on your part. This cannot be a passive thing. You have to be poised and ready.

Well, you do if you plan on getting to your purpose.

Or You can stay where you are. Right there. No better, so wiser and no more successful. If that sweet spot is comfortable for you, then so be it, stay right....there.


If you intend, not just want to have the fulfillment you deserve, the success that was created just for you, the joy that belongs in your life, then you will have to stop standing still....and waiting.

"Move it private!"

Take a pause yes. Get ready yes. Then....A step, a jump, a leap.


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