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No Walls. No Mountains. No Obstacles. No Stopping.

Success has no Limit, and Neither do You.

Have a little Faith in your Awesomeness.

I Do. "1 For You...1,2 For Me"

We have been convinced by some that "Success is in a finite quantity. That there is just enough for only a small amount of people. That if I am more in what I do, it obviously means you have to be less.

Nah...miss me with that.

We have been brainwashed into believing if one or a few have a large amount of money, that someone else cannot have that same financial abundance. Or if someone has a large beautiful house there isn't another beautiful house on another block in a another neighborhood.

Won't you be my neighbor?

"1 For You...1,2 For Me"

Success and Happiness are without limits and are not tied to what someone else has.....or gives. In this it is you who are the creator and.....the receiver. Each of us has this potential.

That promise isn't singular.

"1 For You...1,2 For Me"

The truth is that we are meant to be so much more than we are. Every day it is our purpose to be BETTER than the day before. Not better than someone else, but better than ourselves.

Man in the mirror.

The only true you. The adage "Ones Worst Enemy" exists for a reason. Don't let the reason for your limitations be......"You". There is more than enough "Success" to go around, even if you are unsure of how to achieve it.

"1 For You...1,2 For Me"

Success is not limited. You are not limited, so stop acting like it. The habit of being mediocre is killing your gains before you even start them.

Yeah, I know the excuses. The world is against you. Things don't go your way. You didn't have a fair chance to win.

Bah! Whatever Man!

No, you can't control the world, or heck even the things in it, but that should not impact your initiative, motivation and focus on your milestones and goals.

Your Success. Your Reward. Belongs only to you. Embrace that fact and live in those moments. Because what is for you, will only be for you once you decide.....its for you.

Make the choice...take the chance.

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