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Trash Day....

Maya Angelou once said, “When people show you who they are, believe them the first time.

Sage advice .... and yet it is never so black and white. There will be times where you will struggle dealing with those in your life that cause you pain on any level.

The gray of it all is that each situation will require you to experience first... talk about the issue, take accountability and then fix the issues.

But what do you do when that doesn't happen?

What do you do when that person is the PROBLEM?

Let them go.

When the trash takes itself out.... stop going back to the curb and grabbing the bags to bring them back into the house.

Yes, sometimes it will be hard to let go.... but how long will you let the garbage stink up your Life-Space?

You don't have live with or through that.

You don't have to walk around breathing through your mouth.

You don't have to walk around crinkling your nose.

You don't have to use emotional Febreeze to mask the smell.

Put it out.

Let it go out....

Leave it out and clean up the mess.

Keeping it around will only make the smell worse.... even though you might have gotten use to it.

Pouring Fabuloso on the trash in the corner does not suddenly make it a piece of art or an end table.

Its trash.

It's garbage.

Not everyone will be your cup of tea.

I like coffee.

On purpose....with purpose ...

Inside work.... Outside Results...

Ya'll ain't ready....

Give me a "Yes I am ...."

Empowerment Strategist...





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