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Tick Tock....Tick Tock

Tick...Tock There is a saying. "Time waits for no man/woman" And it is one of the most irrefutable truths you could ever say or hear.

I am sure very few of us sit back and think about how quickly our present becomes our past. How quickly our "Now" becomes back then. And by the time you do, that is also the past.

Fast eh? The one thing we can never get back and it is moving at light speed. Slipping right through our fingers as we run in our daily grind. Before you know it...

And then...the timer goes off, the bell rings, the alarm sounds and your all out of it.


Where did it all go? How did we waste it?

I can promise you, wasting time is no way to find and define your purpose, create success and live the best version of who you are.

If I could, I would give you the secret to changing that. I can't. There is no magical formula that will allow any of us to control time in that fashion.

There will be no happiness joy.

But what if I could give you a different perspective. Perhaps....just perhaps there is another way. A way to think about how we use the time we have.

How we look at it, how we treat it.


What if, everyday we were grateful for what we have? What if, everyday we worked to be the best version of ourselves? What if we took time to appreciate where we are? What if we took advantage of the hours in the day to do something good? What if we were careful about who we invested in? Spent time on? Spent time with?

What if we started being more INTENTIONAL in how we invested the little time we have?

To the mountains the life of mortals both man and woman alike is nothing more than an eye blink.

And yet we waste so much of it, doing things that give us no value or benefit.

Sometimes....we do absolutely nothing.

I am not talking about relaxing and enjoying your day...smelling the flowers. I am speaking of wasting time procrastinating, wasting time on those who bring zero value to our lives, of wasting time living in fear of taking the chances that would bare the fruit of our risks...

If we made time to take them. To made time to use them.


You cannot get it back. None of it. Not one single second. But you can determine how to live the rest of your life.

Now, not later. Today. This moment. Its the only thing you own. Your now.

To refute the words of the Rolling Stones "Time is on my side". Take time. Make Time. Use your now. Its your only chance.


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