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"Tick...Tick... Boom"

“Money won’t change you. Change will change you.”

― Richie Norton

When I was young I would dream of getting a job...not a career that would allow me to buy all of the things I didn't have as a child.

Clothes, cologne, shoes....a girlfriend.

I thought that having a pocket full of dollars, a swaggy outfit and fancy shoes were going to change everything about me....and my life.

I would window shop in stores that at the time I couldn't afford, creating a fantasy of who I would be, while wearing those clothes and shoes. I created a persona around that image and interactions with those in my life and those I intended to bring into my life. is the thing.

Those outfits....those shoes...were nothing more than another version of a mask.

A mask wished for to hide the actual issue. An issue I had packed in my "Life Bag" for most of my life.

I didn't love me enough.

How could I ever expect to grow.....when I spent so much time hiding from who I was and just as importantly who I could become?

The answer is simple.

I couldn't...I wouldn't.

I used the term "Grow" in a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual sense on purpose.

Growth must be spherical.

No, not necessarily all at the same time, although that would be awesome, but none the less , it must hit all of those rooms in your Life Spaces in order for you to truly grow as an individual.

That growth is what leads to an explosion of potential and possibility. It is what allows you to become the best version of yourself and truly embrace what the universe has in store for you.

Do the work. Get up when you fall down. Apply the lessons. Light the fuse.

Time to tell adversity to run for cover.



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