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"The Wake up...Shake up"

When I was a kid, my mother constantly complain "Troy, you are always dreaming. Get your head out of the clouds." Now, I will be honest, yes I had a super active imagination. Not to the point of divesting from reality, but yeah...super..duper. I would wish I was the heir of a wealthy family (being poor will do that, even if it means you were Or that my father was actually an alien and was coming back to get me and that I would develop some super powers.

Oh....and a squirrel. I used to pretend I was a squirrel. Don't ask. Like I imagination. As I got older, I started to dream less about the fantastic and settled down into the realistic. No more aliens, or super powers, or wealth. Just the mundane grind of getting to work, doing work, and getting home from work with occasional spots of happy. But here is the thing. I may have had a little happy, but I was certainly not....fulfilled. To be sure, I had plenty of things to be "happy" about, but like most things that are emotionally based, it was fleeting, temporary. Then....I would be back to the grind again. So....what about all of those dreams I used to have? Not just the ones built on flights of fancy, but the also the ones that were a little closer to the ground, like finding the love of my life, buying my dream house, or going on a dream vacation. See that? The common theme? Dreams. And everything I left behind inside of them. You see dreams are not just whimsical musings of an idle mind (pretty fancy huh? ) Dreams are the aspirations and inspirations that have yet to be realized and acted on. Dreams are what could be if we just let them and worked to make them. They say don't let your imagination run wild. I say, know when to let it run wild. But let it run. Then chase it down and make them come true. Have you ever heard someone say the phrase "Pie in the sky"? It means more along the lines of wishful thinking. I'm thinking when has pie been a bad thing? I love pie! And I love to hope....and dream and to make those dreams come true. Without hope, without dreams our future is pretty bleak and blank. There is nothing for us to look forward to, no milestones, no goals. Just where we are and nothing more. I say no. No to giving up every little dream that you have ever had. I say no to not using your imagination and telling people who love to laugh and be silly and who think of fantastic things to stop dreaming. Not when that is the only pathway to creating new things or becoming your best self, or helping someone realize their dream. That's is what a Life Coach does right? What would have happened if I had not had this dream to help others and simply only went with what was in the box? You have the power to make dreams come true. But you have the be willing to dream first. Dream... Plan.. execute. But the word dream is still operative... And important. #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #lifecoach #motivational #motivation #motivationalwarrior #empowerment #motivationalquotes #dailyinspirationalquotes #inspirationalquoutes #quotestoliveby #personaldevelopment #vexkingquotes #leadership #Troyisims

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