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The "L" Word

"To Choose Love and jump in not knowing, with a lot of unknows, is a brave act"

- Mara Brock Akil

A world renowned band once wrote that all you need is love and although some may find that to be true, I firmly believe that there are some nuances to that statement that many have been either over looked or completely missed.

The funny thing is that for many, love is often caused by something that is outside of us by something other than us.

Example....the birth of a child.


Maybe meeting that special someone.

By far in large many are content with that. Here is the thing....that lasting "Good" love starts in one place and one place only.


Now.... I mentioned a very particular word in the title picture, and that word was....


You might be wondering what risk is there in loving yourself versus the risk associated with loving someone or something else.

Easy answer.

To truly love yourself, you have to first be willing to learn yourself.

Therein lies the risk for some.

I will be honest and say that many avoid delving deep enough to learn enough to love....enough.

Fear of what we will find. What we have to accept and what will be revealed can deter us from digging too deeply into those closets.

And yet, this is one of the most important things any one of us must do. It is at that point, in this space that we can unpack what love feels like internally and then how to give and show it externally.

In this heart-space, we navigate through our limiting beliefs about ourselves, about relationships and how love connects us in so many ways.

But only if we are courageous enough to let it.

This is outside of us who have experienced pain or hurt while in the throes of love, but just as vital regardless.

Love is not an absence of pain.

Love is not an absence of or struggle.

Were that the case many of us would not value love very much.

Love IS despite and in spite of any pain and adversity.

This is not to say that we should stay in a place that is harming to our spaces. But....once we learn how we want to be loved, through ourselves and with ourselves, we can then learn to be more discerning in regard to love languages and dialects to be in more reciprocal interactions.

Again, not every type of love is the most beneficial love. Nor is it always reciprocal. But for those that are....when the storms come and come they will, hold firm.....look deeply, communicate your fair and reasonable desires effectively and then..

Let love win.

So yes, all you need is love, but the highest form.


Agape for self leads to understanding. Leads to empathy. Leads to Acceptance...leads to trust.

This is your heart-space and yes I understand that caution is sometimes necessary.

But do not fear.

Fear is a great ally...but a terrible master.

If you love you and love you right......then the reward is well worth the chance.

Risk...Reward...Bravery....and Bounty.


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