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The Good Thing

This is going to ruffle a few feathers....

Proverbs 18:22 He who finds a wife finds what is good and receives favor from the LORD.

Ladies...In order for this to apply to you, you must be the "Good thing" FIRST!

You being a woman does not automatically make you a "Good Thing". It is something you must learn. Not from television, not from story books, not from your homies.

A Good Thing must teach a Good Thing.

Just as a man must meet certain guidelines that align with his purpose as a husband, so too do you. This is not about cooking dinner or laying in bed. This is not about who pays the bills or cuts the grass.

This goes so much further than that.

We are designed to be together. We each have a purpose and a role.

Shared purpose.

Become the Good Thing.

To often women have adopted the concept that a man's stock has to be higher than hers to make him worthy. That he has to have more than her for his value to be on her level. He has to bring more to the table to be equal.

Let this concept go.

If he has more than you and is willing to share his purpose and life with you, then great. A great man, a King does not have to make concessions any more than a queen does. And yet it is so often expected.

Let it go and become the Good Thing.

If he has a purpose and drive that matches your own, then by all means take the time to get to know him and give him a chance.

Let it Go and Become the Good Thing.

Ladies, Queens, Those who have become "Good Things", Your King is waiting. He will love you. Support you. Push you when needed. But if you think he has to bring more to the table than you, perhaps you aren't qualified to eat at his table.

Let it Go and Become the Good Thing. Then the King that you need, the one that will share your purpose and your journey will be attracted to you purpose.

Or...choose to remain as you are, how you are, where you are, with whom you are with.

You are valued and valuable. So to is your King and your son's who aspire to be Kings. Your time is valuable. His time is valuable. You have worth. He....has worth.

The Good thing Queens. The Good Thing.

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