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The American Dream...

A short but poignant reminder for the "Who In You"

The American Dream is built on the pursuit of happiness.

There is a difference between the happiness and fulfillment.

One is external and temporary....the other is internal and sustainable.

One is based on scarcity while the other is based in abundance. We have to be careful with how we use the energy in our lives, the potential often wasted on things that will only bring us joy momentarily.

Is it money? Looks? A certain type of car?

Dead broke, driving a Dodge Neon, with a pot belly, you should still be able to create a pathway to a sustainable level of fulfillment in your life.

Yes there is always a better, but a better what? A better you yes, but a car, your money or your image should never define you. This is not to say we should not mind how we take care of your temple or be invested in your personal success.

What it means is we have to be mindful to find and define what success actually looks like and ensure it has longevity.

Don't get caught up chasing the fleeting happiness versus creating the fulfillment that you desire to create in your life.

Otherwise you will just end up with sore feet and a desire for more.

Good food for thought.


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