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Spare Change....

~It is never too late to become what you might have been.~

"George Elliot"

Alright Tribe...

I have been feeling... "BLAH" as of late. You may have noticed a drop in my postings..

My bad....

I promise you... I am getting back on my game. For those of you who may have needed that extra nudge to keep a positive outlook... you have my apologies.

I am the number one Empowerment Strategist in America.

I don't get to say that if I don't plan on maintaining it.

I am also a motivational speaker.

I don't get to say that if I am willingly being silent.

This is the mantle I CHOSE to carry....

My entire purpose is to help others help themselves by doing inside work, removing false core and institutionalized beliefs and learning to understand how to remember their passion and it benefits their journey to becoming who they intend to be.

One would think that every day of my life I am without adversity or challenge. That somehow I face everything with a zing in my step and a smile on my face.


First things first.... I am human. I fall down. I get angry. I procrastinate, I forget things, I get lazy and... yes unmotivated.

Here is what makes me different. I know... that those limiting thought processes and actions are only EVER going to be temporary.

I KNOW that I will get back up. I know that I will work through whatever anger or frustration I feel. I KNOW that I will get back on the ball after I take accountability for not doing what I know I should do.

I KNOW that I will reignite my motivation to do what I have decided to do.

All negative limiting things are transitory and or transitional .... but only if you understand your part in the barrier AND your part in your success.

Its up to each and every one of us to be our very own champions.... our very own cheerleader and our very own muse..... in order to be fully invested in the outcome.

Skin in the game.

So.. yeah.. it can get tough. But that is a part of life. Its not always rainbows and butterflies.

BUT... if you are enough to grow enough then there is nothing you can't achieve.

Practice makes proficiency ....

So... do it... Do it when you don't feel like it. Do it when it's difficult.

If you don't then who will?

On purpose....with purpose ....

Inside work.... Outside Results....

Give me a "YES" in the comments if you get what I'm giving.

To book me for speaking engagements please DM me or contact me

Empowerment Strategist...Speaker...Author...Coach

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