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When I was growing up as a kid, there were no shortage of birthday parties to go to. Beyond the snacks, cake and kool-aid, we would also often play pin the tail on the donkey or if we were really lucky we would take turns at whacking a piñata.

Although very different games, they had a few things in common.

First there was always some spinning around until you got dizzy, sometimes falling over where you stand and followed by laughter. Secondly, there was a fair amount of frustration.

Last and certainly not the least there was the blind fold and trying to get to the target.

I would hope that at least some of you at some point in your life have played at least one of those games. If not you have truly missed out on a very important parts of childhood....

Don't worry....its not too late. There are still plenty of parties, plenty donkey's to have tails pinned and a plethora of piñata's to whack.

But...where was I?

Oh...yeah.. blind folds....and hitting or getting to the target.

When I think about the ratio of success for either pinning the tail or actually hitting the piñata was pretty low.

And there was a pretty simple reason for that. It is really hard to hit the target...when you can't see the target.

I am not saying it is impossible. No there are a fair share of people who do things with luck.

Now....I will tell you that my definition of luck might differ from yours, but I think relying on the Webster's version will very rarely give you the opportunity you seek.

Operative word is "Seek".

So yes, you MIGHT get lucky and hit the target and you will never hear me tell you that you won't or can't.

What I am saying is that getting to the goal is that much more difficult to do when you can't.....SEE it.

Sight...Vision isn't just....well...visual.

It is also a matter of mental and yes maybe even spiritual. It is what we drive to, drive for and strive for in order to achieve our goals in our head, heart and work spaces.

But this becomes much more difficult when we walk with our metaphorical eyes closed and or blinders on.


That target...contained in our vision just moved and we didn't even know it or...worse yet....we refused to even acknowledge it because we were unwilling to grow in our moments presented to us.

Being open minded and clear sighted are some of the most important tools one can ever possess and just as importantly utilize.

It is in that space that we find our best selves and what we are capable of achieving.

That hidden reservoir of strength, that fortitude, that tenacity and resilience...all of that stands revealed when you have your eyes...on the prize and a mindset made to adapt to the shifting landscape we call life.

When people say be open minded, it has to be more than a catchphrase. You have to live it. It doesn't mean you have to accept any and everything that comes into your life.

What it does require is for you to be open enough to at least SEE it, think about it and make a choice about it.


Straight lines and curves.

All or some of the above success has never been a straight line. That means there are few constants in getting there.

Except for having a vision and THE vision to see it through.


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