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Show Off....

The world is not always on your side. It can be loud and bright. It can be unfair and even a little cruel. You don't have any control over that. You never did and you never will.

The contest against any adversity starts the moment you open your eyes, even before you put your feet on the floor.

Tough eh? Tiring maybe? Makes you feel helpless and unworthy?

But you are not unworthy and never have been. You are not helpless, and never have been.

Oh to be sure you may not have known your power. Many of us may not.

But it was there.

Life happens, even when we make the best of plans. Adversity will come straight to your doorstep and start banging.

And when the world starts to yell at you that you are a failure, or you are not good enough, I want you to yell right back at it that its wrong.

But you have to yell. Not whisper, not whimper. Yell. Give it your all. Throw everything you have inside at the challenge that stands in front of you until it lies behind you.

You show up with everything you are, everything you stand for. Puff out your chest, throw your shoulders back and pull up that chin and say....

"I AM!"

And you keep at it. You do not yield. You push through. You show that wall, that hurdle that locked door that you are not done.

And when you look back at the trail. When you see the wreckage you made of the obstacle, remember that you came through because you poured you passion into that purpose.

Your All.

No regrets. No second guesses. Just the sweat and tears from your victory.

You not only showed showed out and showed off.

Oh yeah....I see you.

Do your thing Kings and Queens. I expect no less.

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