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I am not a big game show person. Oh, to be sure I have watched them from time to time, mainly because the television was already on that channel and I was too lazy to get up and change it. What I am about to say is not novel. Meaning, I did not come up with this thought process, nor am I the only person currently saying it. That doesn't make it any less important or poignant. I could start off by saying in our world today, but this applies to "back then", "Now" and just as importantly "tomorrow". Instead I will just make a blanket statement. Times can be tough. Life can be stressful, taxing, tiring and just downright rough on your body, mind, heart and spirit. Especially as we navigate through this new landscape left behind by the Corona Virus. In the vacuum left behind many of us are wondering what to do and how to handle our day to day. We are wondering what the future will look like in all of the darkness that was created by this sometimes-deadly virus. I am no seer, but I can tell you what to expect. Think of me as your emotional success weatherman. I can give you the possibilities so you can be prepared, but there no guarantee on how things are going pan out.

Shine...Glow…Grow The funny thing about human beings is that we typically learn through negative experiences and unfortunately tragedy. Every so often, we get lucky.....or smart enough to look at the lesson and simply apply it to our lives. Were that the case more often, life would extremely different. It is not, but one can wish right? So, since we learn through our trials and tribulations and it is through that adversity we grow stronger I want to give you a reminder of what was there in the first place and what you need to reaffirm, especially when its tough. Despite what the inequities of life has shown us, not one of us was born a zero. Yes, I know that there are times where many of us feel that way, but it has never been further from the truth. Were some born with more? Most definitely. Does that mean that any of us were born without value or worth? Of course not, no matter what someone has said....or done to make you believe it. This doesn't mean that you can sit back and do nothing to improve yourself, but you can rest assured that you did not start off at zero. You were born in light and made to shine your way through the darkness that sometimes blankets the world we live in. Here is the thing though.....sometimes you don't even realize how brightly you shine until the lights go out.

Shine...Glow…Grow That is your moment. When the chips are down, and your back is against the wall that is the time when your brightness goes to megawatt. That is when you go from lightning bug to lightning strike. That is when you "Rediscover" exactly how much of a star you truly are. The circumstances may not be ideal. It might the time when you are crying your eyes out and beating your fists on the wall. It is when all of your lights are off because you couldn't afford to pay your electric bill, or you are eating potatoes again for the third night in the row. Those moments, that process is what I call the "Crucible". It is where the old you before the adversity goes to become the new you after it is all said and done. It is there that you go to be reminded how brilliant you can be. So yes, there will be hard times. That is a component of life, but you were designed to weather those storms. You don't get to control what happens out there. It outside of your influence. But you do get to control what happens on the inside. The place where the star that is you is waiting to be revealed. So.... Even when it's tough.... remember who and what you are and that the darkness will never....ever be stronger than your light. Shine...Glow…Grow Speaker...Coach

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