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Persistence over Perfection

It is the journey, the destination and the will to walk it.

Will and Way

Sometimes the task ahead looks to daunting. It may feel like no matter what you do, you will never achieve your goal. It may seem like whatever can go wrong has or at least will.

You may want to throw up your hands and give up.

You may be thinking...."This isn't for me." Or "Maybe I should try something else."

You may be listening to those around you who say "You Can't."

You might think...."I'm not good enough."

You may be tired from getting knocked down so you get up and walk away. is the thing.

You got up. Battered maybe, but not broken.

You are still here and your success story is still waiting on you to write it. But you have to have the motivation to capture it. You have to be persistent enough to keep your momentum.

Even when its hard.

Anything of value requires effort.

Although at the time it might seem like the hardest part is the obstacle.

It isn't.

Its having the motivation and initiative to keep moving despite the obstacle. To learn and apply so that the next obstacle isn't so daunting.

Now get up.

Dust yourself off.

Start moving forward again.

Your dream, your goal...your intent, your success. It's all waiting for you. At the top of the mountain. Around the bend in the road or just over the rise.

You don't have to be perfect....just persistent.

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