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More than an FTE....

For years I have worked with clients to better understand the divide between managing a process versus Leading people.

It is way too often that organizations assume that management and Leadership are the same thing.

Every organization is in the business of making a profit, but those organizations sometimes forget that you need people to do that.

Customer satisfaction will always be better if you have above average Employee satisfaction and if you want people to aspire to do more than average you will need to be a Leader that cares about those that do the work.

I am not speaking of mouthing the words of "Lean In" or the platitudes of being "Employee-"centric"

Easy to say... but only easy to do once you learn how to do it.

I often say that people defy data. Ones and zeros do not have bad days, or challenges at home, or a frustrating trip to the office. Numbers don't stub their toe in the morning or burn their toast that they made to go with breakfast for their family.

They are more than just statistics, 7.5 hours, FTE's and dots on a graph.

It is there in the hearts of those you seek to inspire that the greatness of your business is born and raised.

It is there that your dream becomes a reality... not just for today.. but for your tomorrows.

Serve and watch those who you serve flourish... if they so chose.

Serve and watch your business flourish because of those that follow KNOW that with your vision...anything is possible.

Empowerment Strategist...





On purpose....with purpose ...

Inside work.... Outside Results...

Give me a "YES" and say it loudly.

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