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Man Plans.... God Laughs...

When I was invited to be a permanent contributor for IDOMINATE magazine I was full of enthusiasm and vigor.

I was honored.

I was able to manage my time, work through my ideas, meet my deadlines.

Ummmm..... then life happened.

Here is the thing..... man plans.... God laughs.

Sometimes right in your face.

Life will throw obstacles in your path. Your journey at times will look longer or maybe even impossible.

Look again.

Don't let the walls blurry your vision, even when it seems too much, or the walls seem too high.

Instead, I want to remind you to see beyond that moment.

See beyond the adversity.

See beyond the "Stop".

Its temporary.

It is a small moment in all that you have accomplished and will accomplish.

I have faced my fair share of "Walls" this year.

At times... I just didn't have it in me. I was tired.


I was ready to stop for a bit.

I didn't.

Did I slow...yes.

But I never stopped.

Even when it was hard.

Deaths in the family.... didn't stop me.

Covid.... didn't stop me.

Finances going wonky didn't stop me.

Increase in workload... didn't stop me.

Four magazines and a speaking engagement in....

I am not done. You are not done.

So.... look again. With the fresh eyes of renewed purpose.

A purpose that you designed and for you to develop.

You. No one else. This future.... is yours.

If you are willing to see it.

If not now... then please...

Look again.

On purpose....with purpose ....

Inside work.... Outside Results....

Give me a "YES" in the comments if you get what I'm giving.

To book me for speaking engagements please DM me or contact me

Empowerment Strategist...Speaker...Author...Coach

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