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"Life of Life Coach"

Life of Life Coach...

As of late I have noticed an inordinate amount of pushback from some and in that vein I wanted to address it in the best way I could.

I am a Life and Relationship Coach who specializes in MAP (Modern Applied Psychology).

I promise you that this is an important distinction.

I have seen an explosion of people who now label themselves as a Life Coach. Some may think all you have to do is have an opinion, an Iphone and make a video in a car and boom..

Life Expert....


The wise understand that calling oneself something does not mean you are. Now... this does not mean you cannot make money off of people who only want to hear that which makes them comfortable.

On the contrary... there are a plethora of people right now who are consigning on things that have limited people for years and will limit them for years to come. I cast no shade I promise.

To serve others is one of the highest callings I can think of. And I would have my life no other way. But there is a difference between those who help you "Feel" better versus those that help you "Get" better.

Growth isn't always comfortable or easy.

Nor should it be.

I am not suggesting that things should always be hard. However, I have noticed that some people are less likely to apply their new internal "Height" when things are too easy. I have dedicated large swathes of my personal time to learn and earn my accreditations for the things I touch upon.

And there will be times where my knowledge and education coupled with my innate grasp of human interaction will NOT jive with what you "Feel" or "Want" to hear.

I get it.

But....there is a such thing as constructive conflict.

If and only if the purpose is to learn, apply and grow.

What you say, how you say it and why you say things all play a part in the goal of growth. But you have to be willing to ask the hard questions, answer the hard question and deal with those answers.

It is in this space that we can obtain a roadmap to improve our journey.

Yes, even an uncomfortable space.

So my message to you is simple. Be mindful of where you gain your insight from. Some will tell you their opinion of how things should be and some of those people will be right. But not everyone is qualified to help you align your path and your purpose.

Not everyone that is helping you can actually help you, especially when it an easy out. Take the road less traveled and find the right guide.


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