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Hear Ye...

There is a misunderstanding and it creates a disabling thought process. A woman can NEVER be a Man's peace.

That would mean that peace is EXTERNAL.

A Woman and more importantly a Queen Help Mate, can CONTRIBUTE to a King's peace with the nurture of their nature.

King's.....create your own peace. You can do this by throwing away societies definition of what a Man is and start to build your own using spiritual discernment.


This is what makes a Man. This is a leader of a household.

So Queen's, yes you can be HIS guide to peace. Yes you can be HIS catalyst for HIM to remember the peace he created for and in himself.

But it starts with HIM doing the work for HIMSELF.

When you enter his life you can Bring Peace...versus trying to BE his Peace.

Not all things are equal. But they should be equitable. Learn the difference.

Speaker...Coach...King and Kingmaker.

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