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Fail Up...

"To create joy in this place we call life is to be caught between the choice of Pragmatism or Hopeful Realism. Choose the latter. "

~ Troy Carroll the Motiv8tional Warrior ~

There is an adage about a glass, water and whether it is full or not. In the beginning of my career as a Coach and Speaker I would often say that I was an optimist, looking at everything as a glass half full versus half empty.

I even modified the saying to reflect that thought process by saying "The glass is as full as I want depending on how thirsty I was."

As I develop my craft and better understand both the world and my place in it, I find myself looking back and through those lenses to see if they still resonate with the "Who I Am" today.

Evolution is par for the course provided you are growth minded and that includes thought processes I may have had when younger or at least young (young being subjective).

What I have determined by speaking with clients, and serious introspection is that too often we look at everything as either pie in the sky or pessimism dressed in the loose fitting clothes of optimism.

Let me translate. Prayer... Manifestation, The Law of Attraction are all good thought processes. follow it up with planning, initiative, motivation and effort.

Nothing will ever just happen because you wished it to. There are no Genies or magic lamps. No four leaf clovers, rabbit feet or lucky dice that will ever provide magic results needed without the movement behind it.

Even then.... there is the possibility of not meeting the goal, of missing the mark..

Of failure..

When the universe says "No", you have to translate that to "Oh you mean not right now or not like this?"

Failure was never meant to stop any of us.

Is it a possibility is this thing called life?

Of course!

But any and each of us is stronger and more knowledgeable for it.

It is in those moments and spaces that we understand both what to do and what NOT to do.

Regardless, what we should all feel, think and believe is that failure, no matter how abrupt or daunting....

Is not forever.

Unless.... you allow it to be.

Speed bumps are different than walls and even walls can be surmounted.

Keep rolling... keep climbing on your way to victory.



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