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Kind of maybe...

Good enough...

Not bad.

It could be worse.

Something is better than nothing.

All things we say to justify doing the least, expecting the least and or accepting the least.

Doing enough to get by. Being mediocre.

Being good enough is not the same thing as being good, nor is it the same as being great.

It's like saying that you are not unhappy but never saying that you are happy. Its like saying that your is not as bad as it could be.

Man....what a narrative. Since when are we in a place where we accept "not bad" as "good enough to be great"?

Are these the stories we now tell ourselves about our lives and the things in them?


Shouldn't we save those words for when we have little choice in our options?

You know...when they are limited. Or even when there aren't any at all?

Maybe wait until our back is against the wall with no avenue of escape? And maybe even then we should consider how fortunate we are and be grateful for our lives and gifts simply because we know we did and tried our best?

Why is it okay for us to settle for things that are only okay? Good is good, but great is....


Yes we need to make sure we are being reasonable. Yes we have to be grateful and appreciative, but we also need to know within ourselves when we aren't being the best versions of ourselves. In those moments it is where we are judged.

So focus on the current step and the next step on the ladder. Look at ourselves and question our behaviors, our actions. Stop being just good enough more often than not.

To yourself.

Greatness requires effort and sometimes sacrifice.

And if you can say that is true why not start with refusing to accept average as "good"?

Why not start with giving up mediocre first?

Do be more. You were never meant to be average. Its time you think it, say it.


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