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"All Things Being Equal"

For my entire life I have heard the one term or another surrounding equality, hard work and success. I am sure most of us have been convinced or taught that if we just work hard enough, long enough, that we can make every dream we have ever had come true. That everyone has the same opportunity and chances as everybody else. Yes...maybe.... and no. Everyone has the same potential to have an opportunity. Let me explain. I have a simply philosophy about life, work and achieving dreams and or aspirations. You can work extra hard and or extra smart for your entire life, but never ever make tons of money. Money isn't the point....or least not the only point. I know this seems counter productive as a life coach, but stay with me. Everyone needs money. You need to eat, and pay for a place to stay. You need money to get back and forth to work, to buy essentials etc. But our lives were never meant to ONLY revolve around making and having money. "All Things being Equal" There is more to this thing we call life I promise. Even still, we do need to have a way to support ourselves and that is where passion, potential, persistence, purpose and opportunity come into play. This thing we call life is a journey, and that journey requires us to figure out who we are by looking at what we love. By understanding what we love, our passion, we can understand what we are meant to be...our purpose. By understanding purpose we can tap into our potential. By being persistent in our purpose we can seize whatever opportunity that may come across our doorstep. Operative word....seize. Don't worry, I am getting to the point so hang in there. You see, there are times you can create an opportunity. Other times it is something that happens when you are in the right place at the right time. Or in the wrong place at the right time depending how you look at it. Either or...and sometimes all of the above. But none of it makes a difference if you are not prepared to take advantage of the opportunity when it crosses your path or when you finish making it happen. Both of those scenarios require you to be READY....PREPARED. POISED. "All Things being Equal" Are you on the running block or sitting in the stands? Are you waiting for the whistle to blow or are you still in the locker room? When the coin toss goes up are you already ready to jump? I used to work long hours in a mail room as a records retention clerk. I would work extra hours delivering mail. No, not overtime, but 4-6 extra straight hours to make ends meet. I had holes in my shoes from being on my feet in cheap dress shoes for hours on end. Did it give me success? Well depending on your view of success possibly. I can say from my view no. Promotion...Nope. Full time offer..nada. Nothing but corns on my feet and a lack of sleep. But boy did I learn a thing or two..or three. I learned that I needed to learn and do more to get more. Truth be told I wasn't even sure what "More" looked like. Then, one day, after trials and tribulations it kind of hit me. No it wasn't the conventional epiphany, but I finally figured it out. First I had to figure out what I loved to do. I had to discover and define my passion. Then I had to work really hard at learning and honing that passion into a skill. Last but not least had to learn how to create and or spot opportunity when it reared. From that point on, I picked up skills, talents and knowledge along the way that helped me to become the man...and coach I am today. "All Things being Equal" It wasn't always easy, but things of value never are. It was also unequal and unfair. There were times when I saw peers and people who I knew were less qualified migrate to better places, positions or situations. They saw or got an opportunity that I did not. I wasn't always happy about that, but there was nothing I could do about it. And that was okay. That was one of the first lessons. Plus....I knew one way or another my time would come. I couldn't say when, or how, but knew it was going to happen. I knew that when my time came, when I saw what I needed to do to make it happen or and when it crossed my doorway...I would be ready. Chomping at the bit, pulling at the tether. Poised and Prepared. That was the key. After learning, after defining, after honing, I was ready to tackle my dream, my purpose once the door opened. "All Things being Equal" And when that day came, I ran, not walked to my destiny. Then...chance after chance, moment by moment I found ways to grow, to evolve and to discern when those doorways would open, or how to position myself or how to simply be patient. But Poised. Let me say it again, Patient but Poised. Ready. Do I work hard...of course. Do I work smart...heh....I better. We all should. Hard when I have to, Smart because I need to. Success is sometimes a moving target. Yes, sometimes for some people there are straight lines. For the rest of us, well that is where being fluid and agile come into play. Curve balls, and high walls, life might not play fair, but it won't stop you unless you let it. Will you? Let it that is? Or, will you find yourself, your skill your....knack and persistently work at becoming the best you so much so that when that day finally comes and I promise you it will in some shape form or fashion.... No one will be able to tell you no. There might be a fumble...a stumble, but we pick up the ball...and run down the court as many times as we need to do what we came to do. Take the shot when it comes, but until ready. Speaker...Coach #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #lifecoach #motivational #motivation #motivationalwarrior #empowerment #motivationalquotes #dailyinspirationalquotes #inspirationalquoutes #quotestoliveby #personaldevelopment #vexkingquotes #leadership #Troyisims

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