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"It is your reaction to Adversity, not the Adversity itself that determines how your life's story will develop."

~ Dieter F. Uchtdorf~

Most of us make a very simple fundamental LEARNED mistake.

We have been taught and teach others to prepare for a "Rainy" day.

Time to put down that book....

As a "Hopeful Optimist" I completely understand that "Life" happens and sometimes unexpectedly. We can plan for a day at the beach and a unplanned thunderstorm may rear its head.

It could happen before you get there or spite the weather person show up once you get there, put up your umbrella, pull out the drinks from your cooler and slap on some sunscreen.

The best laid plans are still subject to the whims of chance.


"Man plans.....God laughs."

We were never meant to control our day.....just how we respond to it and that includes the winds of chance.

Crap happens.


That doesn't mean avoid being prepared.

No.... to the contrary, this post is ALL about preparation. The question is what TYPE of preparation?

Fail to prepare.... prepare to fail and all that...

But what if I told you that you might be unintentionally helping failure have an impact on your life and just as importantly ....

Your success...?

What if I told you, that by always preparing for a rainy day that you were ensuring that your energy was rainy day energy?

I'm not speaking of the kind of energy where you look forward to taking an awesome nap or curling up with a great book on the couch.

I am speaking of the kind that adds momentum of non beneficial, failure inspired thoughts that speak to the pessimist waiting behind your fear?

Are you looking at your plans every moment for every moment and saying to yourself...

"I am going to carry an extra lug wrench with me on the way to the beach in case I lose the one I have in my car."


Yes most of us should have a spare tire... at least we should. That is an occurrence that happens to the most prepared of any of us...


I refuse to put my thoughts and energy into a pattern of what can go "Wrong".

Instead, I create opportunities to handle unforeseen circumstances that sometimes bounce my way in life.


Again....hopeful.... but realistic about my level of control in life.

I save money to do things, take a trip, buy those pair of shoes I have had my eye on etc.

If I hear a squeal in my breaks when I stop my car.....

No biggie.

If I suddenly run out of toilet paper (hopefully not while in the bathroom and alone in the house) because I forgot to run to the store on the way home from the sushi restaurant....

No biggie.

These things happen...but I don't unintentionally plan for them.


It is... what it is and how I respond to what it is makes all of the difference in the world.

So put down that playbook that tells you that something will definitely go wrong and instead put yourself in a space and place where if it does....

Things will still be okay.

It is in that moment.... that you realize that life makes all of us stumble, but that doesn't mean we plan to fall. 2

Wherever and whenever the cracks in the sidewalk may happen to show up.

Walk on....

Speaker... Author ... Coach ...

Motiv8tional Warrior

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