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Wayyyyy back Then....

~Don't Lose your present to your Past~


Each and every one of us has gone to sleep thinking about the "Bad" day we had.

That "Bad" Day sometimes follows us to La La land, haunting us like a B movie ghost.

Then when wake up.... we feel some kind of way about something that happened the day prior.

"Why did he/she say that to me?"

"How did I end up being blamed for this?"

"Why did I take that way home?"

"Woe is me... blah... blah... blah."

I am not diminishing anyone's challenges. Adversity is real... especially when you are in the middle of it.

But... how should we handle things once we the day and the impact has occurred?

Do we stay in that moment that is no longer THE moment OR....

Do we navigate the obstacle... the wall.... the pothole the issue from the moment we are IN versus the one that happened prior?

Let me tell you why that question is so very important and this is despite the fact that we might still be going through some of the residuals of the challenge.

That was then.... this is now.

What are you... we going to do about it .... now?

How are we going to work towards a solution?

Notice I didn't say come up with a solution although if we can we certainly should. I said work TOWARDS a solution.

This... is a mindset AND an action. You have to decide to do something about your situation besides complaining about how bad it is.

Even before you actually have an answer to solve... you have a decision to make to solve.

That is the space where choice sets the pace. You choose to stand up after you fell down.

You choose to keep moving even when you are tired.

Youi choose to say yes when everything is saying no.


And here is the thing.... no moment is guaranteed so that choice is extremely important to living and loving in your moment and on purpose.

You must be intentional in the things you do, especially when it comes your finite amount of moments.

None of us knows how much time we have, so why not CHOOSE to live and love in a way that is beneficial to you?

You don't have to stay in that place.

You don't have to stay in space.

Bad days come... but they don't have to stay.

Yesterday.... was yesterday...

and Today is....


Without a past... you would have no present or future. Take that yesterday for what it was...

A lesson..

Not a prison sentence.

On Purpose....With Purpose....

Inside work.... Outside Results....

Give me a "YES" in the comments if you get what I'm giving.

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