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"Way..way..way up..."

I watched a movie once where two people were in an elevator. The elevator suddenly felt like it was falling and one of the two people started jumping up and down to prepare for the eventual crash at the bottom.

Needless to say, this was nothing more than an illusionary feeling created by a amusement park owner, but none the less there is a moral to this story.

When most of us begin our journey, we see that starting place as the bottom. We create the image of stairs or a ladder as a means of conceptualizing our growth of success in this place we call life.

Each step, or rung is another inch or foot towards whatever goal we have set for ourselves.

What I am about to say might sound counter productive, but this mentality, this mind space is also where things go wrong.

At no point is success ever a straight line for more than the time it takes to learn the lesson given.

Not up, down or across.

As a matter of fact, life has a propensity to toss circles into your growth path without warning.

Because of these unforeseen events, the way we look at growth, evolution and success cannot be two dimensional nor can it be one directional.

More often than not we find ourselves going in loops and sharp turns until we level out. Even then, there is no guarantee that the path will stay straight forward....pun intended.

That being the case, with life in all of its simple complexity.....we sometimes practice coasting along until something goes wrong. Then, once we have fallen down, we climb to our feet to renew the walk once again.

Admiral and expected.

You are supposed to get up and I applaud you for the effort you put into your journey for fulfillment and success.

You are not a rug and were never mean to just lie there. You will not always be able to avoid falling down, but...and this is important, we need to start working on ways to rise while going forward, or left....or right and in a curve.

We sometimes choose to do only one part of growth when we forget that true growth is "spherical" and "spiritual".

Internal, yes....linear....


it is also not always going to be in single steps of the process either.

You might find yourself patting your head, rubbing your stomach all the while hopping on one foot.


With this in mind....we have to be open to movement before the fall. Before the lesson. We have to take the growth whenever and however we can get it.


Or 1..B..4..3..D..C..H


That is your goal. To prepared to rise in whatever direction your journey brings your way, whenever it comes your way.

We have gotten so used to waiting until things settle before we grow to our next phase.

Yes...sometimes, but never get so comfortable that you stop seeking to break out of the cocoon when the time is right and ripe.

You are the painter of this picture. You are author of this story.

And the story isn't over...until you say it's over.

Paint on....Write on...Grow on....

Rise on.


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