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"UnStatus Quo...."

“If you can’t change the status quo, make the status quo, change.” ~Royce White~ At one point in life I wanted to be a Garbage Man. I also wanted to be a Bus driver and a Police officer. I did not end up being any of those things and I will tell you that I am glad. Not because I do think highly of any of those jobs, because I do. But because it was not what I ultimately was designed for. Most of us are told to go to choose a major, go to college, get a job, save all of our money and then retire to Florida. This can be very good for some and there is nothing wrong with it. But.... that is the box that we have been trained to operate in. Every so often we are told to think outside of the box, create our own business that will make money, retire and move to Silicon Valley or some such place. Again, very good for some, but limiting still for others. Plus that is the outside of the box we have been trained to operate in. There is a common theme here.. Most of us have been told not only what the box looks like, but ALSO what outside the box is like. We spend time and effort trying to fit in a mold that was created for us... including the space outside of it. Now I am not saying there is anything wrong with conforming to the shape of society. But that should be a willing choice. It should be intentional. Beyond being a cop, bus driver etc. there was also a time when I wanted to be an artist more than anything else. My mother told me that I should be a commercial artist versus wanting to paint or draw or comic books. She said "You won't make any money if you draw for comics or pain." She was wrong, but I didn't believe in myself enough at the time to dispute it. I only knew what I loved and truly wanted to do with my gift. Movies, television, books.... everything I had been exposed to showed that to be successful I would need to find the box that most fit me and climb inside. That was the beginning of the end of my dream. I chose a 9-5 and let me dream be a hobby instead. I would still read comic books and novels, but me actually living my dream as a part of that process never came to be. Four walls and a paycheck. Status Quo.... Again, I am not saying there is anything wrong with that, but it must be what you want in and for your life. It is simple to decide what you were meant to be and do. Just ask yourself a few questions... 1. What do you love? 2. Are you good at it? 3. Can you make money doing it? 4. Does the world need it? If the answer is yes.... then Make a choice, take a chance... no boxes involved unless... You want one. This is your journey. Your song. Your dance... Your story. Stop allowing straight lines and edges to determine what you can do. Your dreams and success are sometimes found outside of the limitation of the limitations. To bring about your dream will not always be easy or apparent. Nothing of value ever is... Success is not always about probability... it is about possibility. Unbox... Speaker...Author...Coach...Warrior #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #lifecoach #motivational #motivation #motivationalwarrior #empowerment #motivationalquotes #dailyinspirationalquotes #inspirationalquoutes #quotestoliveby #personaldevelopment #leadership

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