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Unplanned Plans...

Kings, Queens, Warriors and Scholars....

This year has brought so much adversity on so many levels.

We have lost loved ones, and to some extent for a few, we have lost ourselves.


I want you to remember that even in the face of some or most of those challenges we have...persevered.

Has it been easy?


But we are still here and that in of itself is an accomplishment.

When I started this year, I wasn't sure exactly how far I would grow, how much I would accomplish and how much would get done.

Oh to be sure I created a whole bunch of affirmations, and goal boards etc, but you never know...until you know.

With that I have to tender my thanks for the support I have gotten from friends, family, associates and clients.

It is in part because of you that I am where I am.

You see, I have a talent, but that doesn't guarantee I would be successful.

Success requires certain components in order to be present in our lives.

Trust - Trust in the process and the prayer.

Talent - Love and practice your skill, not for perfection, but for progress.

Tenacity - Times get tough... but we get tougher.

Timing - Stay poised and on the running block. It is often a matter of "When" not "If"

I did not start off saying I am going to be a author this year.

I did not start off saying I am going to be a #1 Best Seller this year.

I did not start of saying I am going to be a #1 Release.

And I am.

Moral of the story... Sometimes life has a plan that you aren't aware of, but be prepared anyway.

Fellow Kings...

I thank you for your stories in spite and despite any pain. Despite and in spite of how the world sometimes pushes against us. Despite and in spite of the fact that we don't always get the support we need.

You are appreciated.

Beloved Queens...

We thank you for those that support Kings, that are raising Kings and that love Kings.

Because of you, we have learned to walk with our crowns even when they become so heavy.

We are not perfect ...but we are persistent.

We are just ... getting....started.

Just watch...


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