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"Talk it like I walk it."

"You can't build a reputation on what you're going to do."

- Henry Ford

For quite some time early in my career in Performance Improvement, I would dream about being in front of a crowd of people sharing the witty and incredibly catchy quips and motivational statements that I currently create and use in my vocation today.

Humble much?

Nah...why dream small?

Moving on....

Whether I was laying in bed or driving home from work after a long day, those fancy fantasies would just keep popping up. There was a running conversation with myself about what I would do, where I would go and how much money I would have sitting in my bank account.

See the running theme yet?

I would dream about becoming that person, about spending the money earned, about traveling to new places and meeting new people and about standing on stage.

Here is the thing, during all of that dreaming and fanaticizing, there was a very special something that "wasn't" happening.



And so there I was, thinking about it....talking about it, but not being about it.

Not even a little bit.

And yet hw was I supposed to ever get there if I never made the step?

Answer....I wouldn't.

My life, my success was going to stay in the place where I created it and no where else.

Too often, too many of us make that mistake. We dream and dream and fail to do anything to make any of it happen.

In other words, I was failing in advance and on purpose.

No, that wasn't the plan per se, but it was still the end result none the less. Life was never meant to be simply dreamed about. Dreams are important, but so is the life that we lead and that we intend.

Everything is about intent even flights of fancy.

While you are in fantasy do you plan on making dreams come true?

Answer....plan...execute. If you fall or fail...get up and keep it moving.

When do you plan on making sure they don't stay dreams?


Right now.

The time for words is over. The time for fantasizing about the "could be's" is over. You were meant for greatness, but only if you are willing to take the steps in order to achieve it.


Most species of sharks consistently move, everyday .... all day.

Movement for them is for them. It needs to be the same for you. live. And Live to Move.

What I just wrote is important, but what is more important is that we apply energy to our movement. In other words we have to move in our purpose...on purpose.

Then and only then will we see the type of results that are the fuel to the success and fulfilment of those dreams.

So yes...dream on....and move on.


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