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Standard and Average

Motiv8tional Warriors..

Friday motivational rant....

Before the weekend hits us hard, or we hit the weekend hard (ya'll know how some of you do....), I want to give you something to think about.

Some of you may know that I am an avid motorcycle rider. It is one of the many hobbies I have besides, martial arts, reading, working out and anything with positive dialogue (emphasis on positive).

I was fortunate to join strong, empowering and positive fraternity that has helped to shape some of my philosophies on manhood and what it actually means to be a "Man".

Too often we forget that being a "Man" is not a natural process, no more than being a woman. It is taught and ultimately learned. Although I was a child who was not fortunate to have a male figure in my life, the tragedy of that experience has helped me consistently work to be the best father I can be. Even if sometimes I fall short.

Not perfect....persistent.

I had the pleasure of speaking with one of my brothers (thank you CJ) this morning and he said something that sparked a thought.

Why do we applaud what should be standard? Do you vigorously thank the car salesman when we have a steering wheel in our brand new car? How about the waiter when you get a fork with our evening meal at our favorite restaurant?

I am going to assume the answer

These reasonable expectations are normal....average. Yes, we can be grateful that we have those things, but as a part of the whole, not individually.

That is the base. Like house has walls, a floor...a ceiling. A car has wheels, an engine, transmission etc.

You know...normal stuff.

We have to be careful to understand our lessons in life and what we categorize as reasonable, standard and expected. We must have a better understanding of how we categorize ourselves as Men....and yes as women. You cannot create your own target and expect growth.

It will never happen.

Unlearn, De-Learn (yes, I know it's not a real word, but its a Troyism...we can talk later) and relearn the difference between what you expect, what is real and what is reasonable.

Men and Women.

Being loyal is a standard attribute. Being honest is also standard. You will get no cookies from me on that one.

Do you really think that makes you special? That you have somehow corned the market on being a good woman or man because you are....loyal?

Child please.

I appreciate the fact that you know your standard.

Appreciate not applaud.

Appreciate the standard, yes, but after you reevaluate why that is your standard in the first place. Also ensure that you are meeting the standard of what you ask for (Queens this means you too. He has to have more than YOU to qualify to be with YOU? Sheesh...ridiculous)

Appreciate the standard, but that isn't great by any means. Its average. Average is okay if you have no desire to be anything but mediocre.

That will never bring you true success. You can do just enough to get by, expect just enough to be only satisfied, or you can work to be the Good Thing, The Great King.

The horizon has more mountains to climb.

That is the journey. Evolve to become the best you internally. Bossing up your outside first will leave you a pauper on the inside.

Inside Out....(Following me yet?)

That is your purpose. Learn, Apply....Repeat.


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