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Skin Deeper...


A few years ago I walked into Barnes and Noble to find a book ( I am an avid high fantasy book fan). As I perused the shelves a books cover stood out to me. The color, the depiction, the title...called. I quickly turned it over and read the short description of what lay inside. I thought to myself this is going to be a winner.

Of to the register I ran, book clutched in hand.

A few hours later I was in the bed, book open and hungry to begin. Most books by far in my experience are slow to start, so I thought nothing of the meandering story, or the lack of luster to the words. I figured it would get better. I kept saying that chapter after chapter. Eventually, after about the fourth chapter, I knew....that I had jumped the gun.

I had judged a its cover.

What you see is not always what you get and sometimes what you get is not what you saw. Books, which may contain some mystery, and plot twists are still somewhat straight forward. Beginning....middle and end.

People, on the other hand are really complex creatures and too often refuse to be straight forwards no matter what they say.

We see a tree standing and we marvel at the leaves, and myriad of branches, never giving thought to the roots beneath the soil.

Even then a tree is a heck of lot easier to understand than a person.

We are visual creatures, both men and women, and we each and all like...what we like. And even though it isn't a gender thing I have found that men are more often entranced by the shape of things, both figuratively and literally.

We are so caught up in the beauty of someone that the essence of who they are gets lost in a translation.

What is even worse is that we also do not get the chance to see if that person is right for us. We fall for an image, the fantasy.

And when that fantasy has expired, or does not meet and match the expectation our lives become either beset by trouble we invited or we lose out on that one thing that could have made our journey that much better.

Sometimes much to our chagrin and way too late.

So Kings...I implore you.

Stop "Looking" AT a woman and judging her value and contribution based on what is on the outside.

Instead start "Seeing" a woman for her value and contribution to the vision based what is on the inside.

Get to know and learn the "Inner" her, before trying to "Enter" her.

Queens....give him the opportunity...

Good food for thought...


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