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Run Forest..Run

"FOF" When I was a kid I lived in a large house. 7 bedrooms, three bathrooms, three floors. As most homes in Baltimore, we also had a basement... Every so often a fuse would blow, and my mother would tell me... "Troy...go into the basement and flick the switch." Flicking the switch consisted of me going into a dark basement that was for some reason always flooding, traverse a series of pallets on the floor and turn all the fuse switches to the off position and then back on. Many a time I stood there on the steps...fear struck. Afraid to go any further down the into the basement. I was more afraid of the basement than the displeasure of my mother..(yeah you go figure that one out) Eventually though, I would make my way to the fuse box, flip the switches and watch the lights come back on. Here is the thing. Once the lights were on, including in the basement, I would look around me. There was a washing machine, an old dryer, the wooden pallets, some boxes. Do you know what wasn't there? Something to be afraid of. "FOF" You see, I spent so many times on those steps agonizing about something.... that was never there in the first place. It paralyzed me. It made me a prisoner of my own body. Stuck in the same place I started. Too many of us face that obstacle on a regular basis. Too afraid to make a choice. Too afraid to take a chance. Frozen in the cusp of mediocrity. And for what? For something out of sight and out of our control, our minds creating the worst possible outcomes before we have even taken our first step, made our first move. We failed before we started. How insane is that? And we do it? I don't have the time to go through the meta programs of the why, or the psychological frameworks on contributions or core identities. What I can give you right now is a simple thought. Spend more time moving towards your goals and less time running away from FOF. Fear of Failure. We all fall down occasionally. But if nothing else you will learn three things. How to avoid falling so much on the same path. How to fall without hurting yourself so much... And how to get back up. Let me say that last part again.... HOW TO GET BACK UP. But there is no falling if you are not willing to walk. Falling, failing is a part of life, but it is not a permanent state. We fail...we learn.... we apply. Fear of Failing will get in the way of that process and you will never, ever become better nor will you become what you were meant to be. So, run away from.... or Run towards. Your destiny is on the horizon in front of you. What lies behind cannot hold you back unless you allow it. You were made for more than that. You were made to do great things, but only if you understand that fear is perfectly normal. But fear stopping you from becoming taking chances to grow and become the best you...that is a different matter altogether. No risk. No reward. You might fall this is true. But you might also fly. Speaker...Coach #inspirationalquotes #inspiration #lifecoach #motivational #motivation #motivationalwarrior #empowerment #motivationalquotes #dailyinspirationalquotes #inspirationalquoutes #quotestoliveby #personaldevelopment #vexkingquotes #leadership #Troyisims

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