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Resistance is Mandatory

Resistance is not Futile, it is Required. Growing up poor I remember my mother would send me to the door if she thought it was a bill collector. Yeah....I know what you might be thinking. 1. Since when do bill collectors come to your door. 2. And why did my mother send me versus going herself. Simply put....she didn't pay the bills she was supposed to pay, when she was supposed to pay them. So she avoided them instead. Of course they didn't go away. They didn't magically get paid, and much like a boomerang they came right back at some point. In this instance, the bill wasn't the problem. Bills are never a problem only the impact of the bill. But....since it was "us" as individuals that made the bill, we should never look at the result of our choices as a bad thing. More importantly and especially considering the fact that our choices created the occurrence, how we respond to them is one of the most vital components of growth and success. Too often we are so busy looking at someone, or something else as the adversaries of our success, but refuse to take one look in the mirror. And we wonder why we aren't going anywhere. Life is going to throw curve balls and this will happen regardless of whether you are standing at the plate with your bat at ready. Or not. How you respond to that pitch is one of the most important things you could ever do. In this analogy, you can throw down your bat and stomp away..... can set yourself.....look at the pitcher and take your swing. Batter up. Every situation is different. That means you have to respond to those situations differently. Adapt. Be resolute in moving forward. Resist the urge to give into the failure mindset. Why you move forward is important. So is how you move forward. That will determine your rate of success. So.... Yes, sometimes we have to battle our way to deal with life. But do so knowing how and who the actual adversary is. Life isn't over just because obstacles have come your way. Sometimes the wall is only 6 feet high.

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