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Queen in Waiting


Please stop our Queen's "In Waiting" and carrying around a thought process to depend on a Man to be financial providers FOR your life.

Understanding independence and contribution to the relationship partnership is one of most important fundamentals you can provide our female children.

When you do not teach them this, when you place value on a PRICELESS aspect of their being (Va-ja-ja) you create a barter system. The "Cookie isn't free". Of course it isn't. But it should not be bartered either. It is not apart of the formula. It is a gift to be shared with someone and the cost is reciprocity. If you do not understand reciprocity and equability in relationships the you will be repeating the same mistakes as before.

This sets them up to be failures. The "One Day my Prince Will Come" Concept or as I call it, "The Princess Paradigm" disables our young Queen's. Movies, books television often show women waiting for a Man to come save the day in lieu of both man and woman saving the day together.

This is not the 1920's where women "HAD" to stay at home or "COULD NOT" get a job because you were not liberated or seen as equally valuable.

A man's job, is to provide vision, leadership values, male energy support, protection from harm, and complement any inherent weakness.

In some cases, a woman is better equipped to do some of these things

Gender roles are different than Gender Purpose related skills.

Learn the difference.

If you don't know them I or someone from my team as Life and Relationship Coaches can help you understand. If not us, then there are fantastic female coaches of high caliber such as Kimberly Cleveland The Good Thing Guru who can help level the limiting playing field. Let's unlearn some of this limiting beliefs and work to having a conducive relationship with self, becoming whole individually, and then learning how to have a productive and successful relationship with others.

You are worthy to stand on your OWN and CONTRIBUTE to a mutual purpose. You are of equal value of any man and vice versa. The time has come for us to learn what has been lost and re enable what has been disabled.


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