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Present and Accounted For....

“The present is life - all else is either memory or imagination.”

― Abhijit Naskar

Most of us grow up with fantasies of what our lives would be like when we got older.

What we would look like.

What type of house we would live in.

Who we would be in love with.

What type of job we would have.

Many of us…if not most of us lived in that space what tomorrow will bring.

Consequently…. we also grew up with the often stated " Plan for a Rainy day. “of which, in my view is only HALF of the solution AND a somewhat negative one at that.

Now... I don't mean to offend anyone's Nana Dukes, Auntie Lorraine or Uncle Leroy that told them that information. I am sure they were well intentioned and not far off of the mark.


There is more to that statement and the philosophy behind it that needs to be unpacked so that you can get the FULL benefit from it.

Plus... that thought process is older than dirt (not literally ... lol) so what could one expect eh?

Here is the thing....

Life is full of things that happen that are out of our control. Good... and the not so good.

Some of those things might be downright bad.... and can make you feel like your world is falling apart.

It is in those moments.... where the ground is shaking and the wind is howling that having a safety net.... helps to weather the storm.

There is truth in that... and yet there is another truth that we must be mindful of…..

Success does not grow as much while in "safety".

Without risk.... there is no understanding of the value of the reward.

Now....I am not advising anyone to take "UNECCESARY" risks... but I am saying that comfort and safety do not always equate to growth or success.

So... be mindful.... yes plan... create a contingency .... a plan B... a plan C...

But we have to be careful.

There is a difference between prognosticating and being prepared.

I have a saying.... ~It is better to think "Right" and be wrong.... than to think "Wrong" and be right about it.~

Translation.... Preparation is one of the keys to success, but so is the optimism used to fuel it.

Just as importantly... it is imperative that we learn to balance Living and Loving TODAY but being prepared for the success AND potential adversity of TOMMORROW.

It happens..... stuff happens....

And sometimes, when we aren't looking .... we can fall into the rabbit hole of "If I just prepare for a bad thing.... it won't be so bad."

Maybe.... Maybe not....

But sometimes when we are preparing for it .... we are also ensuring that the bad thing.... WILL be...

I promise you.... adversity does NOT need any help.

So don't...

Instead ..... be mindful... but be hopeful.

Tomorrow will arrive soon enough.. until then... love and live our today.

On purpose....with purpose ....

Inside work.... Outside Results....

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