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People Powered..

- "Nothing can dim the light which shines from within." - Maya Angelo

When I was a kid, I was enamored with the concept of one day developing super powers.

Invisibility, super strength, telepathy.....and oh....can't forget teleportation.

I grew up during a time where there was a sudden influx of super heroes in the world of comics and television. The Avengers, Xmen, X-Force, Young Blood, Stormwatch and many more.

Every Friday, I spent hours of my time at the Inner Harbor in Baltimore at Geppies comic shop reading comic books, caught up in the illustrations, colors and story.

It was a reprieve from the trials and tribulations I faced in my world. A place where there was a thing of good, right and hope for All people.

There were many reasons behind my desire to have a super power, but the operative word and reason I would suppose is still....power.

Not power for power's sake. Not power to dominate anyone else.

The reason/reasons for this most of the time were really quite simple (As it is for most people both conscious and unconscious)l


Control over where my life was going, what happens and how it happens.

This desire for control becomes increasingly more imperative as events surrounding us have become at times a whirlwind of levels of adversity.

This is even more important to those who feel..... power..less.

See that word right there? Powerless?

All and each of us at one point or another can feel like there is no way for us to deal with the impacts and adversity that occur in this thing we call life.

We crave the thing be firmly believe to be out of our reach.

But here is the thing that most of us forget or worse yet.... do not know in the first place.

Although you will never truly have the ability to control all of the events that happen in our life, we do have the ability and the chance to control how we RESPOND to those things.

That power, that lies inside each and every last one of us is called.... "Choice".

That super power, that latent ability is one of the most important things we can ever do.

It is the one thing that it 100% under our control, even if it takes a second.

No, you may not get it right away.

You may not do it the first time, BUT you at least have the "Choice" whenever you have the "Chance"to respond to life and adversity within life versus react and allow those events to that occur outside of the realm of what we can do.

That in all us and all ours.

You just have to be open and growth minded enough to do the work to learn how to use it.

Back to my superhero team reference in the beginning. They didn't start off perfectly knowing how to use their power. They didn't have team work down to a science.

It took time, patience, effort to get to a point where it became second nature. And even then there is always practice.

So...I encourage each and every one of you. Practice the art of internal power of "Response over Reaction" and watch how your world changes around you, but more importantly inside of you.

Don't just have power... be "Power".



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