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More....Or Less


~Scarcity = There will never be enough.

Abundance = There is more than enough.

~Aaron Endre

Abundance.... is a mindset.

And yet....

Someone, somewhere convinced many of us that "Success, Love, Abundance, Prosperity" are in limited quantity.

As if somehow, somewhere there a box of "Success" sitting in a corner holding the last few samples left, or as if they only made a certain amount for certain people.

As if there is a pie with only a few slices and only one flavor.

These thoughts... these false core beliefs are based deeply in a scarcity mindset.

That way lies the way of holding on so hard to what little there is, or taking more than you can possibly consume just in case there isn't anymore being made.


As if is one person has financial success ....someone else cannot have that same financial success.


Or as if someone has a large beautiful house there isn't another beautiful house on another block in a another neighborhood.

Really now?

There is more than enough "PIE" for us all to have a slice.

Please note... I was going to say pizza, but me and lactose do NOT get along.


Success is INFINITE.

No "Opportunity" is not always "Equal", but be ready anyway.

Be open anyway. Be of "Abundant" thought and action... ANYWAY!

This is both in how you think, act AND OFFER.

No, I am not saying you have to give your last. What I am saying is that life, relationships is about "RECIPROCITY".

It is in that place and that space that we achieve more by being more.

More loving, more giving more respectful, having more empathy, more reasonable acceptance...


The boundaries and limits we take on in the face of a scarcity mindset, one that creates a fear of failure only makes us less.

I do not walk into a room that I don't intend to make mine. But there is enough space for you to be there. Your lane is not my lane, no matter how similar our streets may be.

I am not trying to be better than you. I don't need to be. Only better than I was the day before.

The adage "Ones Worst Enemy" exists for a reason. Don't let the reason for your limitations be......"You" or your "Fear of Scarcity".

There is more than enough Prosperity....Success....Wealth....Fulfilment.... to go around, even if you are unsure of how to achieve it.

Once you accept that simple fact, it then becomes a matter of when.......not if.

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Motiv8tional Warrior

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