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Looking Up....Looking Down

Looking up...Looking Down

The great Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell once sang "Aint No Mountain High Enough".

Have to love good music and more importantly great lyrics that can inspire. Although this song is intended to be about two people in love there is symmetry in the lyrics to self love, motivation and facing and overcoming your fears.

What? You don't see it? Let me explain. The latter part of the chorus is "To keep me away from you baby"

That "You baby" is your success. Your joy. Your future. And it does not matter what obstacles are in the way, there should be nothing that keeps you from getting the "Next Right and Best Thing."

Looking up...Looking Down

We too often stand at the base of those mountains of adversity and say "Whoa, that's kinda high. How am I supposed to get up that?"

Easy answers. 1. Ask first "Is this the right mountain." 2. One step and one handhold at a time.

Are there requirements?

Of course there are. Anything of value requires Effort and the Passion that fuels it. It also helps if you take the time to set some guidelines to your plan, even if it is a loose one.

Now....back to the Mountain. So, here we are standing at the bottom, looking way up the face of this massive thing we call "Goal Mountain" and we huff and sigh and wring our hands with trepidation.

"Dis too much"

Is it high?

Yes, possibly, but too high? Nah. Will it be hard? potentially, but of course that depends on your definition of hard. Besides which, it will only be hard until you get the hang of it. Not necessarily easy, but easier.

Looking up...Looking Down

Most importantly, this mountain, if it is your mountain, it will still be there regardless of whether or not you choose to climb it.

Personal challenges are exactly that. It is in your life, standing in the way for a reason. This is your crucible. Your forging fire. It is here to help you be better.


Here is the thing. If your mentality is rooted in the "I Can't's (not a word, but whatever) versus the "I Can's" then you "Won't"

Really that simple. Your mindset has to be in the state of "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to truly live in the moment of your success.

That is where the magic happens. That is where dreams are realized by the action of making them come true. It is in that climb that you understand the value of your effort and the reason why you "needed" not wanted to "wanted" to do for the growth in your life.

To be sure, you could stand at the bottom and stare up into the sky. You wont get any closer to your goals, but you will definitely avoid risk.

No Risk...No Reward.

Looking up...Looking Down

But if you you want to see that peak. If you hunger for the best version of who you are to be revealed, remember. "Ain't no Mountain High Enough" to keep you from your goal.

On that climb, you will see and learn more about yourself that you have ever imagined. But you have to make the climb. You have to understand that each pull on a handhold brings you ever closer to the result that you have set into motion.

Your Mountain. Your Goal. Your Risk....Your Reward.

Ain't no mountain high enough to stop you.

Climb and at the top of that mountain you will see other mountains. More to do, but enjoy it regardless, because you were designed for this.


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