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Knock Knock...Who's there?

Knock Knock...Who's there?

They say that opportunity only knocks once and when you hear that pounding on the door you had better open it quick. But what happens if we miss that chance? What if we were not brave enough at the time and we let it pass us by.

Are we resigned to only stay where we are? Do we then just accept defeat and live the rest of our lives being our less selves versus our best selves?

Is that a crime for which we will always be punished for?

Not here....not now...not ever.

Yes it is true that you must be ready for opportunity. No it will not wait for you. Yes, that particular opportunity might be a once in a lifetime thing, but that is not the only gift for you.

You were made to be great. Each and every last one of you. Made to be something other than where you started. So no don't waste your time, but don't give up when you miss out.

Our lives, your life is so full of potential it would make your head spin. So....why in the world would you give up? Why would you settle?

More importantly, why are you standing there at the door in the first place? What makes you think that opportunity will always come to your doorstep?

What if all you had to do was open the door and run it down like a lion on the Serengeti?

Are your running shoes on?

So yes, sometime we get lucky and the stars and the planets align and the fantastic opportunity will come right to us without any effort on our part.

Possible....not probable.

But most of the time, with most things you not only have to be poised and ready to act, but you must act First in order to achieve that dream, that goal, that milestone.

Sometimes you have to create opportunities where none existed before. Sometimes you have to be willing to walk through the door and see whats on the other side, not just waiting for a knock. Just as importantly sometimes the door might be a little hard to open.

That's okay, nothing a little effort and elbow grease won't fix.

Success is not and will never be a passive thing.

The doors to success, fulfillment and prosperity will only open if you are willing to take hold of the handle and pull..... or push.

Your intent, your will, your motivation are the only keys you need.

It doesn't matter if its a relationship, a house or that dream job, your time is coming. Never stop learning, growing, striving to be the best version of who you were meant to be.

The "Who in You".

Look out the peephole, cross the threshold, take that step....Life, Success and Fulfillment are waiting,.....

Get some....

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