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King's Edict


Advice from a successfully married man, Life/Relationship Coach and King Maker....

1. Notice I said successfully. The biggest mistake any man can make is looking for happiness in a relationship. Success is based on fulfillment, not happiness.

Happiness is an momentary emotional response to "Getting" something.

Fulfillment is contributing to something bigger than yourself.

So yes, happiness will come, joy will come so long as you are fulfilled.

2.Never CHASE...Chasing is what lions do to prey. When they are done eating their fill, they move on to the next "Prey".

Women are not prey.

They are Queen's, Help-Mates and Journey Mates. They have a purpose in your life, if you find the "Right" one versus just any one.

Be mindful. You have been taught to look at women as possessions instead of partners. Even though you might not know it.

3. Love language is more than a catchphrase. Learn their language AND dialect and teach them yours. Each Queen is different and it is possible that both of you will need to work on your communication skills to properly have a successful dialogue.


4.Control your urges, do not let them control you. All that is glitters is not gold. And something that looks good isn't necessarily good for YOU.

That fantasy you built on how good it will be to get into something isn't always a good trade off for your money....or your time.

5. Take the time and give yourself the time to get to know that woman beyond what you see.

If you value yourself, a Queen will come into your life and complement your value, your vision, shared goals and bring her purpose to share in your life.

Value List over Check list. You are more than a dinner and a night on the town.

Start acting like it and they will respect you more for it.

Speaker...Coach...King Maker

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