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Is You Isn't Or Is you ... Is?

"You can be cut from the same cloth and still make different garments "

~Baylor Barbee~

There will be many who do not recognize this mall. I spent more time here than I care to admit.

After school... during the weekend, after work, buying food, buying clothes or just plain hanging out and people watching.

A lot of good memories were born here and unfortunately a lot of bad.

Here is the thing...

Now is not then. Here is not there and I am NOT what or who I was.

But... at some point, I was EXACTLY what, who and where I was ... until I wasn't.

Growing up on the streets of Baltimore City there were times I thought for sure I would not reach my next moment... much less the next day or year.

Those experiences, good and bad... are what made me... me.

But.. at no point am I a prisoner of my past.... unless I choose to walk into the cell , close the door and toss away the key.

Neither are you.

The choice will always be yours to get rid of limiting core beliefs that you picked up... even subconsciously from the environment that forged you.

It doesn't matter where you picked it up or who told you. All beliefs are not facts regardless of the source (Yes, I am talking about the advice from Nana... ).

The goal should be to listen and then verify to ensure that the things being taught match both the facts AND its potential impact on becoming a better version of who your environment made you to be.

Remember... there is always a better.

When it comes down to brass tacks..we are either victims or beneficiaries of nurture.

YOU ... get to decide who you intend to be and what path you intend to walk regardless of where it all started.

Life is a process.

So are you.

On purpose and with purpose

On purpose....with purpose ...

Inside work.... Outside Results...

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