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I am King

This might ruffle some feathers.

Relationships are failing.

We play house instead of building homes. We devalue the covenant of marriage as if it is just a piece of paper. We have forgotten to evolve from the foundation......


Your purpose is to provide support, a vision, values and leadership and to be a protector.

Your purpose is not to be the go to for yard work, paying "ALL" of the bills and suffering under the pretense of manhood.

You have been mislead for far too long. How can you expect a woman to respect you if your goal is to impress them with how much you can spend?

Your shoes, your clothes, your belts (yes I said belts) do not make you a man. How much money you spend on a woman does not show love.

How can you expect to draw a Queen into your life if all you do is accept someone into your life that is unwilling to share in the fruition of shared goals? Is she a partner or a dependent?

The answer will tell you if you have a Queen or a Princess.

Relationships are failing.

Some have King's in the making and they are being raised to be Princes in King's clothing. They have been convinced that it is their lot in life to be a financial provider versus a leader in the household.

Fair exchange is no robbery. Things such as communication, trust, support, respect, acceptance, empathy is STANDARD!

Those are the pillars of a relationship. Standard. Reasonably Expected.

A relationship deserves more than standard. And maybe that is a part of the problem. We look at standard and act grateful for the things that should be expected, then become comfortable and stop growing together.

Then...there is the lie that has been perpetuated. The hypocrisy that our Queens are less and cannot contribute beyond child rearing and cleaning a home.


They are Queen's. They were never meant to stand on the sideline. They were meant to stand by your side and contribute to the vision that is shared.

We too often tell our burgeoning Queens to protect their "Treasure", but we tell our Kings to sow their "Oats". It is no wonder some women have a thought process that the "cookie" isn't free, as if the "Candy stick IS.

Men are taught to give themselves away, whilst our women are taught to charge for what they have.

Relationships are failing.

We are meant to become one. To share in a vision and a purpose.

If you have yet to truly understand this, then you will continue to have what you have and get what you get. If you are happy going from relationship to relationship. Being disappointed in Man after man, woman after is time to stop.

Queen' are more than a maid and a booty.

King's... You are more than manual labor around the house and money to be given to prove your love.

Kingdoms are waiting to be built.

Stop playing house and let's build a Kingdom....together.

Learn your purpose by first unlearning the limits you were taught.


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