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"How About Now?"


If you haven't noticed by now, I love words. Written, spoken, sung... you name it I love it.

My blogs, posts and memes are all an expression of that passion.

Whenever I create a blog post or even just a simple meme I go through a series of pictures and or photos that resonate with the feeling and the thought.

But the "Feeling" is the most important by far.

When I started this particular post, I went through several photos for days before settling on the one seen above.... or below depending on the app or social platform you are using to read this.

I stared and stared at the picture for quite some time trying to "FEEL" it.

I did this for a while but still couldn't seem to get excited about what I had put together. I mean, I liked the verbiage, but not the picture.

So, instead of trying to figure it out, I put it to the side. I decided I would come back to it.

Two days later, I got back into it.... or at least tried.

What to guess what happened?

Yup... the same thing.

So....I thought to myself, maybe I need to give it more time. Take a break, do some other stuff.

I mean.... It will fix itself in a few days....right?

I waited.

I put it off... again and did other stuff....again.

More and more time passed and more and more things popped up in the middle of what I was originally trying to accomplish.

I chalked it up to writers block, although I had zero issue with writing.

The words came easy, but the image.... not so much.

So... I put it off for a few more days.

Then it hit me.

Normally I start working on my posts on Sunday, but somehow I had fallen into the "One Day" trap.

Instead of using my only provided "moment" , I put off my goal until I felt comfortable enough to get it done.

Notice I said "provided" not promised.

Nothing in this world we live in is promised, but we are offered moments to take advantage of....if we are willing and able.

These moments are not always easy to recognize, or comfortable.

But they are vital.

What started out as a break to breath and get my mind right turned into procrastination and avoidance.

Too often, too many of us, yes including me, fall into this trap, this ditch.

But no matter how hard you stare at a calendar, the days "One day or Some day" will never show up as a part of your week.

It has always been up to you to be the momentum behind your goals. The wind beneath your wings and the "Ah ha!" of your moment.

But to do this, to truly take advantage of your moments you have to turn those "Some days" and "One Day's" to a "Today".

What is offered is not guaranteed.

What is promised is never certain.

All we have is the moment before us and we must operate as if we are allowed no others.

I am not telling anyone to be impulsive or impatient. What I am saying is to make sure you are not wasting anyone's time... especially your own.

You may have to wait on your "Next Step" but never have your "Next Step" waiting on you.

Speaker... Author ... Coach ... Warrior

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