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Hand to eye coordination...

Hand to eye coordination...

In life we often find ourselves doing a lot.

Multitasking...yeah...not a fan. Priority tasking yes,

But hey....this is life right? Carrying a load or two.. or three as we go about our day. Juggling task to task.

Then..... It happens. We drop something. One of those balls goes rolling across the floor and under the table. Next thing you know every ball you were juggling tumble as you panic as you try to recover.

Epic Fail...?

Wrong question and certainly not the right answer.

We all make mistakes. Things fall down. We fall down. But that doesn't mean stop. It doesn't mean lay there.

It's not over unless you do.

Get up. Pick it up. Set your stance. Take a breath, and start again. Throw them into the air and focus.


You are doing it again. Yes you dropped a ball or two but the key was that you didn't let that stop you.

But.. You learned and more importantly you applied that knowledge going forward. Maybe it was how you held your hands, or how you started or even what you did in the middle of it all.

Success is in the act and the results. But you will never know that if you stop. I often say life happens and it does. People will test your patience. Obstacles will test your resolve. Events will test your tolerance.

But the biggest test is an internal one. The one that asks the question....

"Giving up yet?"

What will your answer be? Will you pick up the pieces and move forward despite the wall?

If the answer is yes then.....

Believe in yourself, apply that knowledge, keep those hands moving.

You can do this. I believe in you. So should you.

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