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"Growing Pains"

"Don't go through life, grow through life." - Eric Butterworth

There are some of us who are lucky enough to have the boundaries, guidance and mentors to help us discover and define the "Who" we will one day become.

Then of course, there are people like me who grow sideways, in circles and sometimes upside down as we flounder our way to sure footing on our journey.

This isn't a pity party, but I needed to level set so that you would have some idea of where I am heading with this. I was saying...I didn't have certain things and therefore it took me a bit a little longer to get to myself.

During my journey I have fallen down, tripped over my own feet, went in the wrong direction and even stopped completely in my tracks for an inordinate amount of time.


That is okay...on every single level and I will tell you why.

Failure is a tricky word. For many it is the parking lot at the end of a mistake.

But for me, it is nothing more than a lesson of what not to do and another opportunity to get it right.

Mistakes happen, but there is no such thing as permanent failure unless you stop moving forward.

All of those bumps and bruises you sometimes take along your pathway to personal success are your trophies of the brambles and stones that adversity tossed in your way.

It is in those moments when you can look back and realize just exactly how strong you actually were.

That is of course....if you learned AND applied your lessons learned to your life and your purpose.

If your answer is "Why yes I did!", then you have the right of it.

I say this all of the time and will say it once again.

Life is not always easy. No value in that thought.

Nor is it always hard. Plenty of value in that thought.

It is in those spaces AFTER those rough moments in which we can appreciate the things we have learned along the way and start using that knowledge to grow into our passion and more importantly our purpose.

Don't seek the hard, I promise you. Adversity will come when it comes.


When the rain comes, when the winds blow hard against the windows.. appreciate that which it gives you.




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