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"First things First..."

I have thought about this content and the words contained over and over again. It took me awhile to write this for several different reasons.

Some I am not proud of for many reason.

I have seen and experienced more and more hate projected under the guise of free speech over the last 4 years than any known time in my life.

The operative word is "Known".

For far too long I was unaware of the magnitude of hate that permeated the spaces around me.

Now.....I see more than I care too and it hurts to see it so.

I fully believe that all we need is to love one another to create the harmony we need to grow.

Is it easy all of the time?

No of course not. But anything of value has a component of adversity.

Together any and everything is possible so long as we use empathy, humanity and acceptance before personal self interests.

I often joke that if I were a super hero on the Xmen team, my super power would be Optimism and Hope.

I still hold tightly to that.

But I also realize that work by good people still needs to be done.

Be the good person.

Be hopeful.

Be courageous.

Be humane.




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