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Happy on Purpose...

#Oops I did it again...and again!

That special someone makes you happy. Your 9-5 makes you happy. Your house and or car makes you happy.

Life makes you happy. All of these things are happening TO you. They are making FOR you.

In this you are only a bystander. Maybe even a victim.

But what are YOU doing? What are YOU making for yourself? Are you no more than a leaf in the wind, letting people, life and the events within to determine how and or what you feel? Are you just sitting at the table hoping for someone to feed you?

Perhaps while they are making your plate they can tell how good your are going to say it tastes.

Would that work for you? Would it make sense to let someone else determine what you do or do not like?

Or feel? Or enjoy? Or love?

Does that make sense? That you live your life dependent upon outside forces to bring joy to your life?

Would it not make more sense to be the origination of said happiness, joy...satisfaction? Would it not make more sense to intentionally determine each morning, each evening and night that you WILL be happy? That you ARE that happiness?

Wouldn't it make more sense to be to source versus just a bystander in what effects and affects you and your life?

Then the car, the house, the spouse would be a plus, not a because. An add to, not a because of.

Your life, your joy...your happiness all on purpose. Intention at its highest and most fulfilling, And why not? It belongs to you. On every level, the choices, the consequences and the results.

You don't have any way to control the world, but you can control how you view happiness.

Maybe then we could see ourselves as Makers versus waiters. We could then we could then learn to live with purpose..on purpose. are you living and loving on purpose?

Intent over accident.

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