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"And Counting..."

Dr. Seuss (Yes, that Dr. Seuss) once said "“You know you’re in love when you don’t want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.”

Too often we are convinced from a very early age that the only way to happiness if through the tunnel of love.

That statement is fundamentally wrong in the way it is constructed and limited in what needs to be said.

First, it has always been and will always be about fulfillment versus happiness. Happiness is temporary and only about what you get versus what you give. It is fleeting and will burn for only so long before you seek that next thing to make you happy once again.

If you have heard me make that statement several times before,please give me some forbearance. There are some who will be new to my site and my feed.

Secondly, love, true love starts with self for self. Then and only then can you love another and this is only after you learn both their love language and their love dialect.

More importantly...after you learn your own.

Even so, this process is not designed to make you happy. As I mentioned, happiness is fleeting. I, of course am not suggesting that we do not enjoy happiness when it enters our lives, only that the constant hunt for that short lived prey has minimal bang for buck.

With that in mind it is a safe bet that if you can learn how to love and practice to love you in all instances then one will never be unhappy for long.

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming.

No one is perfect. That means that they will not love perfectly and to expect anything more is to expect disappointment. Instead, perhaps we should seek to learn more about our own languages and how to communicate those needs to the people who happen share our life walk.

That in itself is a journey and a part of the growth process.

To hear...and listen, to tell and speak on the things within us, but listening to the "who" within us in relation to another.

To be sure there is so much more to this thing we call love, but it all starts at our own doorstep, with us holding the keys.

So we fill our lives with those who are willing to understand how we need to be loved, and love them the same way. We remain persistent in that journey as the world changes around us and we also change.

Loving someone will not always be easy. In many ways it is just like any other aspect of life.

Things of value will always require effort and have adversity.

But in the end, when you look back at the road that you have traveled, it will always be worth it.

Persistence with the consistence.

Good food for thought...


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