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"A Love Like This...."

One of the most impacting statements about love I have ever heard uttered was "I love you so much I want you to stay, but I love me more so I need you to go."

That was a hard day for me. Someone said that to me as our relationship came to an end. One day I will tell you the gory details, but not today.

Today we will talk about why that statement was and is important and how it relates to my overall blog statement.

Often we believe that if we love someone that means that we have to stay with them. It means we are looking at love as a tether versus a journey shared.

This is often caused by us looking for love in others and just as importantly for happiness to come from others.

But what would it look like if you loved yourself enough to remove yourself from any interaction or situation that was not good for your spirit space, head space or heart space?

More importantly, what if you learned how to love yourself "Properly" enough that you would choose better situations and interactions in the very beginning? Not from a checklist point of view, but from a value list instead?

How much impact would that have on your growth and development? How would that affect what type of spouse you would become, what type of parent....and even what type of professional environment would connect yourself to?

This is what it means to say "I love me" enough times in the right context, with vigor and belief, that when you say "I love you" it is with understanding what that concept actually means?

You see, love is a giving thing yes, but give to yourself first so that you can offer it freely to others who you determine can share your journey. Even in that, it is a balance and harmony thing.

If your cup is and your journey mate will go thirsty.

To love, one must be complete and yes there is a whole lot that goes into that, but on the surface it should never cause a deficit.

You feed me....I feed you.

Reciprocity at its best...or as I like to call it..."Reciprofaction". If you reciprocate and I reciprocate then we will both have satisfaction.

Give....but understand your value and worth. Love you first and foremost. Honestly, unabashedly, completely, with inclusion.

So I challenge you to Love yourself with abandon the right way enough to love someone else the right way.


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